Top Tips For Android Developer In Making Android Apps

Android is a standout amongst the most used OS in smart phone these days. Due to this growth in its usability and high selling of Android-based devices, demand for android application developers has likewise gone up. The real explanation behind this, are the stunning features, games, and applications made available to the users on android platform. So if it happens that you love those applications and amusements on your android device and wondering how it works, then that’s when you know that application development is a cool career option. So if you are looking to be an expert Android Application Developer but you don’t comprehend the Do’s and Don’ts for you to become one.


Here are few tips for Android App Development as an android developer:
  • DO remember the end-user when developing an application. Numerous android developer has committed the error of creating an application based exclusively on what they think or believe should work and not thinking how the users will utilize it in real life. Moreover, the funniest thing is, it’s not that difficult to know how the end-users feel. You can conduct a survey for instance, get the application evaluated by an application review blog or do some beta testing.
  • DO incorporate integration and scalability in your application. Extensibility ought to be taken into consideration always in your application’s design, especially if you’re making the first version. Unfortunately, this is mostly disregarded as numerous android applications today are created under short time so as to take the advantages of a current trend or need. However, without scalability, this can results to a lot of reconfiguring once a new functionality or version is released.
  • DO be careful when making the color choices. Android-based devices today have the capability to display a wide range of colors, but this doesn’t mean one should select any color for the application. Remember that Android are design to be utilized anywhere, so your application’s design ought to include colors, which work in the environment with different lighting and displays.
  • DON’T stick with only a single screen size. Various types of mobile device now includes Android platform, so by designing your application around a particular screen size won’t correctly scale in other device screen sizes. So ensure that you give some thoughts on how your application will look as it shrinks or grows on various Android devices.
  • DON’T design around a precise form-factor. A developer android that designs an application that is specific to a touch-screen device, for instance, will experience difficulties to integrate Android devices, which utilize navigation controls rather than a touch-screen. Visualize how your application will operate across over various Android devices and ensure to leave space for other form-factors.
  • DON’T do too much. Disregard trying to make your application do everything. Instead, concentrate on particular uses and match it with an intuitive user-interface. There’re many success stories in the Android developers’ community of applications with a narrow focus. Additionally, they succeed due to the fact that they’re good at what they do.
Keeping this few tips in mind can make you a great and professional Android mobile app developer.