Recent Web Projects

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A finance service provider approached our team to build a client-oriented portal accessible via the Internet connection so that customers could always be aware of their assets state and could monitor its processes. We helped our customer to meet their goal with a web portal that provides access to the accounts information, cash flow, asset operations, and financial statistics. Our team ensured that it is a safe and secure system that store customers’ data can be accessed only by its owners and our client employees.



Our customer wanted to update his website ensuring new UI design and improving the user experience. The project implied code refactoring of the existent site and making a modern, stylish and responsive design providing better user experience to both desktop users and mobile ones. The site functionality presents a marketing tool that connects stores and brands. With more than seven thousand registered stores and three thousand of available brands, our team ensured that all information was preserved. Now users can also create their own shopping guides finding the stores and sales and share their lists with their friends on social networks.


Fan Meeting

One of our projects was dedicated to a social networking application development which unites sports fans and athletes. The application enables users to interact with sports stars via video-streaming messages asking questions and supporting their favourites, and comment replies. Athletes can talk with their fans, record some video and audio messages, comment on the game. We designed a simple user interface with intuitive navigation map. The Q&A system provides channels with real-time access to the posts and discussions and sends push notifications informing users about athletes’ broadcastings.


Med Product

Our team was asked to build an easy-to-use tablet application for a leading Pharmaceuticals brand which would be able to provide detailed information to end-users and promote sales. We developed a program that gives access to the interactive information about pharmaceuticals products of our customer. The app works as a marketing tool for sales representatives providing them with an engaging catalogue of products. At the same time, the program can be used for educational purposes for medical professionals. It also includes the statistics on usage which it presents on backend dashboards.


Membership Management

Working with the hospitality industry, our team developed and delivered a mobile-based solution for restaurants, bars and clubs which lets users screen clients based on the age verification and store their membership date. We build a cross-platform solution reducing the time of the development and embracing all major operating systems. The app has barcode scanning functionality in the membership cards letting security personnel quickly screen guests. The customers’ data can be used to track their visits for marketing and sales purposes.


Security Alert

Working with a private security provider, we were engaged in the development of a web and mobile solution which acts as a portal for connecting our customer with business clients and law enforcement agencies. The solution simplifies the interaction between these three groups of users helping easily find service request and take them up based on availability and convenience of the security personnel. Among its functionality, there are automated check-in, location tracking, time stamps, alerts and push notifications, etc.