Cost of Outsourcing Application Development: Do You Need to Build the Perfect Application?

Do you want to develop mobile apps for your company? The outsourcing application development cost may surprise you. There are several factors that define the cost of outsourcing app development, and we will try to explain how to understand the cost of the application design industry.

It is undeniable that mobile apps have become an integral part of daily lives. About twenty years ago, we can not even imagine that the mobile market will become a billion dollar industry, billions of people from all parts of the earth will always have a smartphone. But that's what it is today.

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Our Experience in Application Development

Our developers and experienced designers have worked with a wide range of businesses in the industry to share their expertise and provide insight into the application development process and the cost of outsourcing application development. Over the years in the IT industry, our talented experts have an in-depth understanding of the social and technical aspects of application design. You can not find a better candidate to share the secret and cost factors of the mobile market. So here is the guide to designing first-class mobile apps for your business that will bring value and increase sales.

How to choose the right developer?

Reputation is the most important when choosing outsourcing developers for future mobile apps. We recommend that you pay attention to the winning company that was referred to the authoritative source of related Internet technology, but last but not least, you have extensive experience in specific areas of your interest, for example, if you need to develop a well-designed complex system resources and solutions, outsourcing organizations that previously built simple apps were almost impossible to help.

What if I start developing my application?

Of course. But remember this can get worse - developers say this is "redemption action." In other words, these are people who start their own projects, or in some have not achieved the desired results from third-party developers with their help for more experienced pros to help them solve a mess. They are looking for experts who offer complete development and launch of the product. Another possibility is that they have launched an app, but that does not work, gets terrible comments and harms the company's reputation, so they want someone to fix it.

Why hire a professional team?

Although you may begin to use the product yourself, you may not be able to achieve the quality and the perfect experience of only professionals with sufficient knowledge. There is no doubt that a skilled and creative crew will bring more value to the project, rather than inexperienced amateur developers. An application is the result of hard work and teamwork - it's like a theater on stage. You just watch the actors on stage, but you do not know how long the rehearsal takes you, how much time has gone by behind the scenes. Outsourcing application development is a complicated processt requiring a lot of discipline, simplified procedures and excellent experts.

Development team

The common outsourcing development crew includes the following specialists:

  • Who will be responsible for the visual content of the designer, and subsequently encoded by the programmer
  • By adding some coding magic to the design in the characters' lives
  • The account manager is an intermediary between the client and the company, working with the project manager, programmer, and other experts so that the customer knows and controls the progress of development
  • The project manager is the project's executive director, who oversees the request

Costs of creating outsourcing projects

No developer will immediately tell you the exact cost, if you can, should keep you vigilant because this organization has almost no interest in your success. To estimate the costs of outsourcing application development, the development company must conduct extensive customer visits to determine the business needs, requirements, and functional specifications of its future products. However, you should remember that it is not possible to pre-specify all application requirements because the mobile market is changing rapidly and you need to act quickly to introduce changes and add new features when the project moves forward.

What is the Minimum Viable Product?

The MVP costs for each specific item are different - you can not provide the exact number for the customer. For example, if your goal is to create a simple social media program that users share content, it will not cost much. However, if you want a complex ecommerce solution with built-in shopping carts, online payment tools, databases, configuration files and email marketing platforms, you should expect more spending because the services of many outsourcing specialists will be required.

Start mode

Many experts advise those who want to estimate the amount of resources needed for the first year of operation to see start-up success - how much do they earn over the same period? Often, the beginning of a young company is a moderately budgeted loan from a friend and family, or a raise. Money is usually enough for half a year, so the company can pick up the pace. After the funds are used, you need to bridge the gap between the seeds and the A-series. Most likely, they need a larger amount to check the prototype in the first step to a new level and improve it to prepare the consumer for the launch. So what is the total number? Summarize these budgets and you can calculate the approximate costs of outsourcing development. However, this may help you to consider your financial capabilities, but to estimate the cost and time of application development, you will have to go through a more in-depth analysis.

Independent development company

Another option is to hire a freelancer, who can reduce costs and inevitably take a greater risk. What risks do you have? Ethics of bad work, bad habits, misunderstandings, lack of commitment to the project and unavailability. Be sure to be 99% deterministic, unless you are lucky, otherwise freelancers will provide a product that does not match the original concept and expectations. Compare the app's development price with the price of the original script to shoot the new movie. Budget and talent for the success of the project laid the foundation, but also for his ideas to bring power and enthusiasm. Prepare as much effort as possible to design a new application if you want to film your debut movie. However, if you want the film to be a success, not a video for students, you will need to devote more time and resources as well as application development. Invest a lot of money and energy into the product, you want your project team to be committed to your goal as much as possible instead of dealing with free work with other employees and employers around you.

What makes a successful application?

In addition to trial and error, you can not learn application development. One of the secrets is that you should not be obsessed with the project. You should check your ideas with rigorous beta testing, MVP development, and proof of concept, and then another round of funding and start a comprehensive marketing campaign. Even before initiating the actual development process, many application developers have high expectations for their innovative products. Do not repeat your mistakes - you should start the ball before you see it rolling. Enjoy your brilliant ideas, believe in yourself, hire professionals to guide you through the complex world of application design, bring your vision to life and create products that will have the opportunity to change the mobile market and attract customers.

Why Outsourcing Software Is Beneficial?

We are forward-thinking programmers, design talents and project masters Our talented experts have always been committed to providing the best results and the highest value for your business. Creating our first class is our passion. Our main goal is to develop the application that customers would like, which will give you benefits and get the top app stores. We always explore new trends, understand new technologies and translate our knowledge and experience into our products.


Working with us

Our designers and developers have a deep understanding of Android, iOS, Web-based solutions and custom software to enable them to create quality solutions to their success. Our outsourcing application development company can help you build the perfect mobile application, develop a monetization strategy to ensure long-term success. Chat with us, we are always happy to hear from you.