Online Business Software and Applications to Improve Your Workflow

Online business software for small and medium organisations allow companies to run the processes smoothly and efficiently.

Here we present the most useful software tools for learning and installation for SMEs essential for success. You may choose a ready-made software for companies online, from accounting to project management, email, document storage, security software, etc. But if there is no suitable solution for your case, we can create software to your order from scratch.

Online Software for Small Businesses

Even in 2018, email is still dominant and more used by more people than ever. Despite the emergence of new tools such as social networks, cloud-based software, real-time messaging applications, email is very useful and I will stay here. I will present the options to provide the best email service as a tool for SMEs.

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With integration with other easy-to-use Google online software products and services, Gmail is an email option for many small businesses.

interface has always been redesigned to improve the user experience and provides a smart way for intuitive, fast and easy in-app organization. Interestingly, 92% of SMEs and startups host emails in Gmail.
Microsoft Outlook

One of Gmail's main direct competitors, Microsoft Outlook is not just email. Technically, it is the complete personal information manager with calendar functions, contact manager, task manager, magazine, notebook and web browsing.

Still, most people use it mainly for email applications. Like Gmail, you can process mail wherever you are with iOS and Android.

Zoho Mail

Zoho Mail is an ad-free webmail with a minimal user interface for a simple and easy learning curve. Zoho Mail is specially designed for companies and professionals, but initially it is free to use, it has a different price layer with a capacity of sending up to 25 GB.

Docs is Zoho's answer to Google Docs, where you and your team can collaborate, create and edit text and files.
Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook, one of Gmail's main competitors, is not just email. Technically he is a complete personal information manager with calendar function, contact manager, task manager, magazine, laptop, web browsing.

Still, most people use it mainly for email applications. Like Gmail, you can process emails even in places using iOS and Android.

Zoho Mail

Zoho Mail is an ad-free webmail with a minimal user interface for a simple and easy learning curve. Zoho Mail is specially designed for companies and professionals, but at the beginning it can be used freely and has another price layer with a capacity of up to 25 GB.

Zoho Docs is Zoho's answer to Google Docs so you and your team can collaborate and create and edit text and files.

The Best Accounting Software for SMEs

Accounting software for small businesses requires time and effort to track the number of invoices sent, items loaned and the number of customers who have not yet paid.

The current accountant thinks thank you for simplifying and simplifying all this data. I am pleased that all invoices can easily pay taxes.

Intuit QuickBooks Online

In the list of top software for small businesses, there probably is a place to represent the QuickBooks.

The automation of that task can focus on the critical areas of the business, but the extensive customer service means that it can not be interrupted when problems arise.

Because this software is widely used, QuickBooks can be selected for easy integration.

New Book

If you are the business owner, the excellent mobile apps FreshBooks for iOS and Android are the perfect solution for billing and tracking your transactions.

This online accounting software saves considerable time for the business owner and allows reliable tracking of records. This includes billing on the fly, PayPal invoice and credit card processing, and expense records.

Zoho Books

As a self-employed worker, Zoho is ideal for very small entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs. People who work on their own depend mainly on themselves. The beauty of this software is the ease of use to increase the complexity of the accounting software of large companies.

You can also use Zoho to create invoices online efficiently, track costs and create financial reports on the go. One of the main reasons for ease of use is the easy-to-use control panel.

SME Project Management Software

It is not necessary to process multiple projects at the same time to work successfully as small business owners. The challenge is always good, once you really need to handle many tasks at once, it makes you feel tired. So, it’s time to use the following online project management tools to maintain project objectives.


This project management tool combines ease of use and reliable mobile online access, and SMEs provide the necessary security from the beginning to the end of the project.

With Basecamp you can expand all the equipment around the world and adjust remotely. The accessibility of Basecamp from most smartphones and tablets makes it attractive.


Trello's card-based design allows small business owners to manage teams effectively using this easy-to-use tool that combines project management and task management with a simple interface.

This application is excellent for people who enjoy things visually. Each project is condensed into a task represented by several letters that are executed online in several stages. As online business software for communication between developers and partners, many IT agencies are using Trello to simplify the editing process of Envato Tuts +.


A well-known Asana is adapted for businesses of all sizes. This scalability is of great help in the planning of projects of various sizes.

Asana is good for small business owners to track every aspect of the project, from the details of the daily process to the continuous monitoring of information and workflows that incorporate larger projects.


The Best Application to Improve the Productivity of Small Businesses

Productivity is a rare property, it is a skill that should not be underestimated. Often, it is a secret ingredient that can lead a small business to exceed all expectations from very well. If you know how to achieve results in a shorter period of time, you can get more results. These productivity applications are essential for the success of SMEs.


Todoist is a productivity response for SMEs that want to achieve more than every day, but I do not know how they think. Todoist is an easy-to-use interface, since it is equipped with a labeling system and the filter for setting priorities, it is a powerful productivity tool that does not require a steep learning curve.

With functions such as the area of ​​responsibility of the project, reminders based on time and place, multiplatform synchronization, etc., we can perform more routine and complicated tasks for any industry.


The slogan "Remember everything" is a brief summary of the power of Evernote. This productivity application belongs to this list of monsters of the best software for SMEs because it is an indefinite filer that exists in the cloud and is synchronized in all the devices.

You can easily search for the information you entered by searching for keywords and basic tags. Documents for SMEs, receipts, PDF, plan, graphics, images, etc. They are the best places for practically everything.

Collaboration Software and Documents for Businesses

Recently, the problem of the file cabinet has not been resolved, the information written on paper is the fastest way to run a confusing business directly to the ground. Fortunately, the owner of the business, the fall of the hat, immediately from the cloud, to make available the necessary information throughout the device, there is a series of collaboration and application of the document.

Google Drive / Document

Google Drive / Docs is a free cloud storage service initially, you can pay more space. Small businesses can quickly access documents, files, images, videos, etc. on all devices. It can also be used as a backup system.

Despite being launched four years ago, it currently has more than 200 million users.


Dropbox is a massive cloud storage service with millions of millions of users. Allows the owner of a small business to get their files, documents, photos and videos instantly and to have the online access to your data at any time. Although this content is safe, collaboration, sharing and creation are easy and accessible.

Founded in 2007, this cloud is one of the first cloud storage services that helps spread the cloud for collaboration and storage.


The new child Slack on the block is a cloud-based tool, but it's like a collaborative enabler for teams around the world. This is ideal for small and medium businesses where the team is dispersed in different time zones.

With this service, chat, search and real-time archiving are possible on the same server, so communication is always correct.

Custom Solution from the Industry Leader

We provide a powerful and original software development for companies to meet the specific needs of customers. In addition to developing full-cycle custom software, our business software developers also offer software protection and platform-based personalization.

Company Profile

With seven years of collaboration with various industries, we have created a deep vision of a strange nature and offer a reliable and professional user strategy. We are offering a solution that satisfies customers' wishes much more accurately than ready-to-use products. As we have already completed a series of commercial software projects and we guarantee business automation for a large number of clients.

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  • Communication

In addition, we constantly look for new possibilities that can increase our minds with an incomparable experience in media and entertainment, production, learning, transport and logistics.

Development Process

With a serious and respectful way of thinking, we start with the review phase of ideas: the experts carefully examine your wishes and make a typical and detailed presentation. Help to create specifications of software requirements. We offer two of the most common and effective development techniques: waterfall and agile.

While the waterfall is in place, you can decide everything you need at the beginning of the project and get exactly what you need for the fixed costs at a given time. Agile is in charge throughout the process. You can determine which functions have already been applied on the fly.

In addition to creating a program, we offer the installation and additional renewal of software compatible with your business.


Among the internal experts are the best specialists and talented builders with years of experience and skills + experience in the industry. Prioritize the ability to overcome speed, always supply the product with budget and time. More than 50% of the developers are seniors, Lead provides high-level software, which guarantees a stable base without further growth and renewal, an excellent user interface and performance problems.

Take a Great Start

You can take advantage of the business software development services we offer. With our help, you can strengthen your workflow and sidestep the competitors. Get in touch to create your unique online business software created by professionals.