Mobile App Development Services: Mobile Platforms and Policies

If you need to develop mobile apps, our IT company can provide custom software development services and provide first-class apps that add value to your business and generate sustained revenue.

Why do I need a native app?

In today's highly competitive marketplace, mobile app development is an indispensable part of mature business and long-term success.

With mobile application you can achieve:

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Better performance

Native apps are mobile apps built specifically for a mobile operating system that leverage the entire platform and provide the most comfortable experience for users of the device running the operating system. This is especially important for developing apps that use large amounts of data.

Great user experience

The iOS and Android platforms have their own unique features and specifications you should keep in mind when developing on a specific platform . Hybrid apps can not provide a seamless experience for both platforms at the same time because the two platforms can not be fully optimized. As a result, native development services are the only option to ensure high availability and incredible customer experience, regardless of the device used.

Easy access to hardware resources

Native telephony apps make it easy to access all of the built-in features of modern smart phones and tablets, including camera, GPS, accelerometer, microphone, and more. When you try to connect certain features of a different device, a size that fits all apps may fail. There is no way to reach a customer through an app which does not have access to the camera or a failure from time to time.

Top security

Our software development organization creates high-quality apps and adds security to your business and customer data. As an development company focused on iOS and Android, we use the latest technology to protect your data because we know that any business is critical.

Better understanding of customers

The leading store gives priority to native s. As a result, smartphone users can easily find more opportunities to start with app stores and provide them with more marketing opportunities.

Offline access

Cross-platform programs always require a stable connection to the Internet. While native apps can include offline features and services that are available to users without access to the Internet.

How do you develop a perfect application?

The use of mobile phones and tablets has grown rapidly since mobile devices have already become an indispensable tool for business, online interaction and other areas of lives. That's why development is a hot issue for large companies and small businesses that want to be aligned with the latest trends and stand out from the competition. If you are designing a front-line , you need to understand the platforms and technologies available. We've already introduced some useful tips on development services that can help you make informed decisions and start the development process right away.

Should I start from iOS or Android?

iOS and Android are the two main platforms for the vast majority of mobile market sharing, so the choice of mobile development services is usually attributed to these two solutions. Each has its own specific characteristics and challenges, and you should consider choosing the platform that best fits your development before moving forward with development.

If you do not understand the Android and iOS marketplaces then you have the opportunity to understand the key differences between the two operating systems and decide where to start. Our experts highlight the distinctive features of the leading platforms.

You should consider the factors below

There are several important factors that you should consider when thinking of the development of a new application. Start a new project and consider the following:


If you are looking for a third-party software development service, you should know the platform that the company is concerned about. If the developer you choose is more suitable for Android, continue and vice versa. This is your area of ‚Äč‚Äčexpertise.


Google Analytics or other services and tools will help you determine how many visitors are coming to your site from iPhone and iPad and Android devices. This way you can start with the most popular operating system of the visitors to ensure you reach the most potential customers.


Statistics show that for mobile markets, iOS users tend to spend more money on their apps devices. Of course, the Android market also offers many opportunities to boost sales, but before starting software development, this is an important factor. Think about your app's monetization strategy - will it be a paid app? In this case, iOS offers more opportunities for success. In addition, the App Store has a larger paid app compared to Google Play.


Select reason for iOS development services

In the global marketplace, Apple's operating system may have more significant advantages than Android. The iPhone and iPad are very popular in the bustling areas of the city. Therefore, if the strong purchasing power for urban residents, the development of iOS will be the best choice. Other statistical reports show that in-app purchases using iOS apps have generated four times more revenue than competing Android apps. In addition, the development of iOS is considered more secure and stable, and the Android system because of its security and security issues.

Choose the reasons for Android development

For start-ups, Android offers many advantages. First, the platform is open source, which for aspiring companies is much cheaper. You can also benefit from the various frameworks, tools,and services available on the Web. Another benefit is that Android is one the most extensive platforms in the world. This represents 85% of the global digital market, so you can communicate with as many customers as possible. In addition, the Android OS is more flexible and the process of sending a product to Google Play is easier.

Mobile strategy services

When you decide to run a platform on a future , it's time to consider change strategies, and our experts will help you create a broad market research base and solid background in the mobile industry. Develop a complete strategy for your mobile apps, making it easy to set goals and moving forward with the help of IT professionals.

Mobile consulting

Creating an app strategy is an important step in building apps, and if you want the process to be successful and effective, it can not be ignored. This is also true for small local businesses, large international companies and ambitious start-up companies - the mobile strategy has identified the key foundations and motivates the team to achieve it. Usually includes the following services:

Market research

Market analysis is critical for any company which wants to find its niche in thousands of other organizations. Our developers are always aware of the latest industry trends to ensure long-term success.

Competitor analysis

To study the strengths and weaknesses of competitive companies and predict how the future will expand, we will develop a mobile strategy that will protect the relevance and visibility of your.

Create a user role

Create a real picture of clients, their way of life, hobbies, habits and preferences, we can put ourselves in shoes, adjust the to attract them, attract them, awaken the desire to return.

Key performance indicators

KPI identification allows us to track the progress of the project and achieve the goals identified by the client.

Functional specifications

Before proceeding with development, our experts will discuss the requirements with the customer and will choose the technical, methodological and functions to be implemented.

Customer participation

Another aspect of mobile strategy is the development of a comprehensive user access and retention plan. Our specially trained experts use a variety of tools and technologies to connect to customers and encourage the conversion rate of your mobiles.

Long-term support

Our software development company provides ongoing support services for each product, designed to establish long-term customer partnerships and optimize the of changing business environments. Whether you are a startup company or a long established corporation, it is vital to keep your products up to date to meet your company's needs and respond quickly to customer feedback. That's why it's the best choice for you to quickly adapt to market and customer needs by hiring a team of respected developers who follow the agile principles. In addition, our developers will monitor errors and errors to ensure their stability and security.

Start cooperation with a trusted developer

Whether you decide to use Android or tend to develop iOS, or even if you're still unsure of where to start, our design experts will be happy to offer the full-fledged services and guide you from the initial idea to the global mobile technology marketplace. Our experts have the skills to create innovative, easy-to-use mobile solutions that will bring significant value to your business. Learn how the experienced mobile development team can help your company create a strong online presence in the digital market. Contact us today and let's get started.