Software Developers: London Top Development Team

For over seven years we have been gaining our expert reputation as the leading software developers in London. And our IT company can rightly enjoy the fruits of our stellar status as we always strive to approve ourselves as IT experts and professionals. Our team unites talented junior and skilled senior software developers, experienced software engineers and creative app designers working on the common goal to help forward-looking entrepreneurs accelerate their businesses with top-notch innovations and tailor-made IT solutions.

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Our Expertise

Our London-based software company can boast a highly-proficient team carefully recruited based on shared passion for IT and willing to innovate. Among developers, we are looking for programmers with strong front-end and back-end skills ensuring good command in SQL Server and MySQL as we quite often create bespoke database solutions.
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Front-end development

Now we have specialists well-versed in client-side scripting with HTML5, JavaScript, CSS3, VBScript, ActionScript and usage of such technologies as AJAX, Adobe Flash, jQuery and Microsoft Silverlight. This volume of expertise enables us to design stunning web interfaces with sleek visual effects and seamless animation.

Back-end programming

The core of every program is its functionality and what it can give to users. Approaching our London headquarter, you meet software developers who can provide you with the most incredible functionality via PHP, C#, C++, Java and such high-level programming languages like Perl, Ruby, Python and ASP.NET technologies. With such set of skills, the sky is the limit for our software developers.

Mobile technologies

As a top London-based company that provides a full range of services we also have a strong mobile department which enables us to provide customers with cutting-edge mobile solutions for all major platforms including iOS, Android, and Windows:

  • iOS developers are highly-qualified specialists who can operate equally well with Objective-C and Swift programming languages benefiting from all the capabilities that Apple’s IDE, Xcode, provides. With the help of our skills, we can help our customers to take advantage of this powerful, secure and stable operating system and create a mobile solution that meets your highest demands.
  • Having a strong Android department, we can write Java code in both Eclipse IDE and Google’s official Integrated Development Environment Android Studio. The expertise lets us ensure high intuitivity and usability of Android mobile application on all the variety of screen sizes and resolutions so that the huge market share of Android users will have a flawless user experience.
  • With the latest update of Windows Mobile operating system, our London-based team got an opportunity to create universal applications for all Windows device family via Visual Studio IDE and hence embrace all Windows sector with a single application.

Software development life cycle

Software and application development life cycle is a term that developers use referring to a process of planning, designing, coding, testing, and deploying a program, application or an information system. Our software developers in London are used to utilise only proven development methodologies, ensuring smooth work and integration. There exist two main approaches that developers usually apply to, Waterfall and Agile. We can boast that depending on your particular development case project managers will select the one which is the most appropriate:

Waterfall methodology

Waterfall methods imply strict documentation, fixed budget, and timeframes. This method fits customers with clearly identified program specifications and requirements and intelligible visualisation of the end product. No changes can be implemented in the development strategy and customer gets what was asked in the very beginning having no opportunity to test the program in the middle stage. Every step is a separated from the others, only finishing the design developers can start coding and so on. But this approach allows to minimise the development cost.

Agile methods

Agile development methods, on the contrary, provide more flexibility and adaptivity. It is an iterative process which consists of several cycles during which developers simultaneously work on different stages designing and coding. This approach is a perfect solution for those who are not sure about their requirements to the program and what functionality it should have. Agile development ensures quick time to market with no prejudice to the quality of the program, and at the same time, it enables a customer to make improvements to his or her software strategy observing the results after every stage and providing the feedback. Unlike it is with waterfall development, agile can be more expensive and there is a high chance to exceed the initial budget, but it can be eliminated with a good project manager which we guarantee for your case. This approach ensures a high level of customisation of the program.
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How we build software

As a top London software developers, we have a smoothly-running app creation process which they can apply to any development methodology ensuring high-quality products that deliver desired results. We know how to make a successful solution, and it starts with a pre-development analysis. When we get a deep understanding of the business needs of a customer we help to solve challenges and reach the desired goals and objectives.


The planning stage defines the future success of the program. It creates a foundation for the right development which will lead to the goals meeting. During this stage business, analysts and project managers research the market and potential competitors studying users’ requirements and market needs. This stage also includes the study of the organisation’s objectives and company’s workflow. While planning, the team dedicated to the project is looking for alternative proposals and the best software solution. At this stage, we come up with the conclusion whether it is better to develop your IT solution with agile or waterfall model, identify the specifications and functionality, and define and describe the costs and benefits.


The design team consists of creative and skilled people who value every project as their own striving to deliver the best. We start with a creation of a mockup ensuring that its colour pattern, style, fonts, and other visual elements reflect required business identity and correspond to the program purpose. While, during prototyping, they create a navigation creating a clickable user interface (UI), so that you could try yourself its convenience and usability. Our task is to ensure the user experience (UX) that engages and retain users helping to focus on app features.


As leading software developers in London, we write a secure, stable, and readable code that ensures profound and scalable architecture that enables us to implement powerful functionality. We strive to follow coding guidelines and standards so that your program could meet universal standards and users’ expectations. With a development team which consists of world-class developers we can provide you with both front- and back-end coding services, utilise cloud technologies, integrate third-party program, use multiple APIs and libraries. At the code writing stage, our developers create the heart of your program integrating required features. When programmers start coding using agile methods, they soon deliver you an MVP (minimum viable product) which has key functionality and lets you try it out in action. This test allows to clarify what features you really need and what you don’t. This stage is usually the most time-consuming one.

Testing and Launch

We have a London-based in-house team of QA experts who keep an eye on your IT solution quality from the initialisation stage till the deployment. They start with a careful analysis of potential issues and challenges that may occur during the development, and before software developers start coding, they suggest the ways to avoid the bugs from the very beginning. But their job isn’t done here. They keep testing its security, stability, intuitivity, performance and usability throughout the development process. The UI design is also tested by a group of testers who fit the description of your target audience, to make sure that user interface is user-friendly and has an intelligible navigation map. We eliminate any bugs that may occur and test again till we polish it to the perfection. Our team helps customers to submit their apps to the app store if it is required and get the approval, or seamlessly integrate the program for internal usage.


Since we help you to deploy bespoke software solution, we also offer you the maintenance services and technical support. The fact is, that information technologies are one of the fast-evolving industries and together with its growth, people’s needs grow too. The development team is always ready to build long-term business relationships offering a dedicated team of leading software developers in London to edit, update and upgrade your program so that it could meet your evolving needs and requirements.

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Hire Leading Software Developers from London

Approaching to our company you hire the most professional and dedicated developers in London and we will be happy to assist you in the creation of bespoke software solution that meets your business goals and needs.
Tailor-made programs
For seven years since the foundation, we were providing tailor-made software to the customers from numerous industries all over the world. This experience and rich industry insight enable us to get the gist of your needs and exceed any expectations.
Technology Trends
Our expertise doesn’t cause a shadow of a doubt with hundreds of successfully delivered IT projects of any type and complexity. We are professional in what we do. Because we really love the job we do and keep up with all technology trends and innovations.
Dedicated management
We provide first-class services and end-to-end development taking care of all the challenges of the process and providing you with transparency, clarity, and control over the process. A dedicated project manager always informs about the project progress and for the feedback. Such regular and continuous communication enables us to cater the most demanding needs at the highest level.
Cost-effective solutions
We deliver business-driven, cost-effective solutions which solve actual problems and are more than just “nice-to-have” programs. Our work enables us to empower people with technologies and help them to benefit from them, this is what we do.