Designing Apps for iPhone to Grow Your Business

For 9 years, iOS has been a long way to go. IOS-11 marks the introduction of a lot of new features, for iPhone and iPad. Apple also introduced a bunch of new technologies for developers. Our team is always on the cutting edge of new options and ready to integrate modern trends in app design to let your software be ahead of all competitors. And our digital agency is here to drive your business to the world of iOS designing apps for iPhone.

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Multitasking and adaptability

Today, the layout of each website and app becomes very important due to the wide variety of display sizes and resolutions. So you need to design your product, follow many different screen sizes and guarantee the flexibility of each element, which can be achieved with the Xcode and other tools. There is a way that the user interface can be adjusted from a larger screen, such as the smaller screen of the iPhone (like iPad Pro). Instead of zooming in or out. In the case of a large screen such as the iPhone 6 Plus, such as the screen mode or the iPad, the guide bar is replaced by the navigation on the left.

3D Touch

3D Touch is the premier feature introduced in the iOS 9 platform, giving users easy access to internal and external options for apps. Users running iOS 9 can use forced tapping on the app icon to view frequently used items. As an example, you can peek at the message or view the link without opening the app fullscreen. 3D Touch features are similar to keyboard shortcuts on desktop computers - allowing users to perform repetitive operations faster and easier. 3D touch shortcuts are a great way to design ways to increase productivity and improve your iOS user experience. However, you must ensure that the 3D Touch feature is added, but it can not override the traditional interaction. The user must be able to use 3D Touch comfortably in the app without having.

Pixels and Dots

Many people still think that the point value is equal to the pixel, which is not entirely correct. When the first iPhone was released in 2007, the two machines were the same: 1pt equals one pixel. However, as the retina appears, 1pt becomes equal to 2px. So it's best to treat pixels as actual values ​​based on density (@ 2x - iPhone 4, 5 and 6 and @ 3x-iPhone 6 Plus) and points out how the value of the first generation iPhone.

San Francisco

Since OS X El Capitan and iOS 9 have been released, San Francisco has been Apple's standard source for its products. The introduction of new fonts affects the design of the iOS. The tracking value and the text and display settings are adjusted automatically according to the font size. This ensures readability of the font. If the font is 20 pt or more, use the San Francisco UI display and, in other cases, select the SF UI text. However, you can only apply these values ​​in Photoshop, there is a formula for converting them to sketches: font size * tracking / 1000. Sketch also has different plugins to help you quickly calculate character spacing values correct.

Smart Phone Solutions

Based on screen resolution, the design is expanded rather than scaled. The iPhone 6 Plus and the iPhone 7Plus are the only devices on the iPhone that are similar to the iPad in landscape mode. As already mentioned, the tab bar is replaced by the navigation menu to the left of these smartphones.

Tablet Resolutions

iPad has two main resolutions: iPad to 768 x 1024 pt, iPad Pro to 1024 x 1366 pt. With iOS 9: Split View and Slide-over, the iPad introduced two new features:

  • When users slide the screen to the left inside the app, the slide is a small panel on the right side of the screen
  • Split View is a multitasking feature that allows users to run both apps in portrait mode at the same time

App icon

The app icon is critical to the app brand. The icon is the first time the user sees their first experiment. The icon is the way your app is rendered in the App Store, the home screen of the user's device, Spotlight, and Settings. The iOS 9 app icon has its own template. This does not have to generate @ 1x assets because they no longer support the Apple smartphone. Each icon has three versions: the base version and the versions of Spotlight and Settings. @ 1x and @ 2x are two resolutions used on the iPad.

Shape and Grid

Starting with iOS 7, Apple used a super-elliptical icon instead of a simple icon for previously used fillets. Note, however, that if you do not want to find a black artifact, you should not send the icon in the app to the mask. Simple square assets will do well. When designing apps for iPhone and some icons, Apple uses a proportion of gold. This means that the icon maintains the perfect proportion. You can follow the example of Apple, but not mandatory. Even if Apple's designers deviate from the rules Icon.

iOS 9 colors

For buttons, iOS likes bright colors. They are bright marks with a pure white or black background. Do not be clumsy - it's best to keep promotional materials and non-brand elements, such as menus or navigation bars, that soften colors. It is best to keep the overall design from about 10 to 20% colored, otherwise it will distract the user from the content. In iOS, the background and menu are generally neutral. The design with black letters on white background are a classic solution that makes text reading more comfortable. In addition, iOS uses a soft blue highlight button.

Button size and alignment

The general rule for the button is 44pt, for small text - 12pt for the body - 17 pt and the title - 20pt +. For spacing and alignment, a basic rule is the margin or the minimal design fill 8pt. Therefore, there is more space, which facilitates the scanning layout and text reading. Keep in mind that the text must be in the same position as the baseline and the user interface must be aligned.

Status and navigation bar

Apple suggested putting the status bar as much as possible. It can help smartphones and tablet users track useful information, including time, battery and signal. Although the icons and text may be designed in white or black, you can select any background color and merge with the common navigation bar. This field displays quick information on the screen. You can put the "Edit", "Finish" or "Add" buttons on the right side of the "Menu", "Profile", or "Back" buttons on the left. And do not forget that you do not have to design specific features for these system icons. You can customize the background color of the navigation bar, which is somewhat blurry, making the text easier to read, as in the status bar. Therefore, the background of the two elements will be merged.


Search tools and guide bar

The search bar is useful for rich content apps.

Toolbars are used when space is lacking for action and status buttons.

The guide bar is used to navigate between screens. If there are multiple items in the menu, avoid using the Hamburg button. So that all the visible elements provide a better user experience, because simple is always better. In addition, the icons provide text because the user can be difficult to identify the meaning of the symbols, especially if you designed them from scratch. Another suggestion is to prevent the icon from being populated and not active. This will not cause the attention of the elements that are not active in the present.

Development Professionals Designing Apps for iPhone

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