Creating the app you envision with no technical knowledge

There are numerous methods to create the app you envision. What we do is point you in the right direction based on the type of app you want to create and what is easiest for you, providing you with app development plans that will assist you in creating the app you’ve been thinking of.
There are many how to guides on the web to create an app, but most of them are too complicated for the inexperienced user with little to no programming knowledge of Java or Objective C which are the languages you need to know to create an app for either the Android or iPhone operating system.
Our featured guide on how to create an app is truly a laymen’s guide to simple, yet efficient development of advanced app’s without the need for programming knowledge.
After several years of app development for mobile phones and touchscreens, we are providing the inside industry knowledge that many of the top developers “owners of popular apps” use.
What is most interesting and what most don’t know, is that many of the app owners “or those credited for creating the hot app” didn’t really make it all. They may have envisioned it, but weren’t behind the coding.
Instead, they either outsource the app project to an experience developer, or use an automated visual app development “WYSIWYG” program or online service.
In the end, they claim full credit for the creation. It’s similar to what people do when they hire ghost writers “freelancers” to write their books or when corporations buy other companies to obtain their brands and product line; acquiring ownership rights.
App developers do the same thing.
There are now programs and services that work across both PC & Mac/Apple platforms locally on your computer or over the web, that the need for expensive software and programs for app development are coming to the point where they are not needed.
For example, by utilizing an online app development service, you can use their hardware and software remotely to build your app exactly the way you want it without having to deal with the code behind it using their pricey machines and software. It’s cheap, efficient and has all of the most popular behavioral functions that are in most downloaded apps today.
This is what our guide is all about. To essentially provide all of the resources, tools, and educational information to develop the app you’ve been dreaming of from concept to launch without having to learn any programming languages.
This is what differentiates our guide with the other guides on the web; the fact that it presents app development strategies in simple terms, rather than offering up a technical, difficult to decipher app development guide.
Authors of current development guides on the app don’t cater to those that know nothing about making apps. Rather, they are assuming the user will just “FIGURE IT OUT”.
This not the approach we take when helping people to develop apps. Our guide is proven and turnkey of which any one can use and implement.
There are thousands of people looking to the web on how to build an app, but they quickly realize that it can be complicated, overwhelming and become intimidated by the process, then give up.
Our guide takes you by hand step-by-step throughout the entire process without the headaches, regardless if you’re experienced with the computers or not.
The Sure-Fire Turnkey Process That Requires Absolutely No Programming Experience and No Headaches
Below, is a proven turnkey app development process that requires absolutely no programming experience and is one of our recommended development methods.
1. You come up with an idea for your app
2. Then you write down a rough sketch as to what your app should like, what it should do and how it should behave.
3. You find a proven low cost app developer using our list
4. Once complete, you will then submit your app for your review to the iPhone App & Android stores for sale.
5. Millions of potential customers will now be able to view, access and download your app.
The Cost of Creating An App
Less than $250 if outsourced
The cost of creating an app varies. If you want to do it yourself, then it will cost next to nothing as you will be using free online services and software to build it.
However, if you’re looking to outsource your project to an experienced app programmer, it typically cost no more than $250 for an app. For more advanced apps, it could cost a bit more.
However, app programmers are now in abundance and there’s lots of competition, which over course drives prices down. Within our eBook, you will find all of the direct contact information to programmers and relevant forums to find the most appropriate developer.