The Best Business Intelligence Software in the UK market

Find out the list all the best business intelligence software products available in the UK market. You can compare and select optimal solutions to meet your needs or decide to create a bespoke solution for your business.

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Sisense effectively simplifies the complex analysis and allows a great understanding of data in new and small companies. The competitiveness of Sisense is the ability to verify information from multiple sources mainly without expensive preparation (the sources are Salesforce, Google Analytics, AdWords, etc.). Users can enjoy the use of the highly efficient chip-based technology of this tool in a database that processes information 10 times faster than traditional systems. You can import large amounts of figures and work with any CPU design without compromising the quality of the results. If you want to know more about that function, you can try the software yourself using the wonderful free trial plan they are offering.

Business Intelligence and Reporting Tool (BIRT)

The BIRT project is a 100% flexible and open source Java Java reporting tool for creating and publishing reports from general business relational database sources to XML sources and in-memory Java objects. BIRT was developed as a high level project of the Eclipse Foundation, taking advantage of the excellent features of the Eclipse software and the users of very active open source communities. With BIRT, developers at all levels can incorporate powerful reports into applications based on Java, J2EE and Eclipse.


icCube is an end-to-end BI software for SaaS and is integrated into the application. You can implement this in the installations, within the cloud, or use one of the managed services to carry out requests for customized functions in the market in a short time. Ability to design graphically from scratch from authentication and authorization on the fly (up to the cellular level), connect and combine custom sources, direct access to Java and R, creator of web-based dashboards and widgets Basically, icCube Dream with software developers who need to deliver web-based self-service BI panels and solutions for end users.


Domo's software summarizes the people, data and perceptions needed to understand in detail what is happening within the organization. Connect all critical business data, work with co-workers and add powerful visual data on a customizable software.

Board Management Intelligence Toolkit

The BOARD toolkit combines several BI functions and CPM functions in a single graphical software environment. The BI functions of BOARD include multidimensional analysis, ad hoc queries, panels, reports, etc. CPM functions include budgeting, forecasting and "other activities related to finance". Efforts to improve productivity and decision making while reducing costs. You do not need a programming skill to create BI and CPM applications.

Clear Analytics

Clear Analytics is a very intuitive Excel-based solution that requires minimal training. Employees with basic knowledge of Excel can quickly learn the system, so they can present a self-service system that does not work well, there is little downtime and few learning curves. Clear Analytics provides a variety of BI-specific functions to generate, automate, analyze and visualize critical data and information for the company. In addition, you can use Clear Analytics to integrate data from multiple sources with all the information in Excel.


Companies should focus on all the events and opportunities that generate revenue to reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction and retention. By combining historical and operational data in real time for analysis, users can make informed decisions in an active way. However, to achieve these efficiencies, the data must be available in real time.


GoodData improves All Data Enterprise by providing an open analytics software that supports data control, security, monitoring and the desire of commercial users for self-service discovery. It provides a quick and agile analytic experience for users, but it can protect, manage and protect IT.

IBM Cognos Intelligence

Excessive reliance on information silos, multiple softwares and spreadsheets will hamper the process of analyzing enterprise data, understand performance and recommend improvements. With IBM Software, you can quickly find the information you need to explore information from multiple angles and perspectives and get better results from a broader perspective of your business.


A successful sales strategy depends on the client's understanding. However, SMEs take their time to build the necessary intelligence databases and may be far from the work of actually selling. It may take several months before the implementation of the traditional sales intelligence software pays off.


Jaspersoft Suite offers different ways for users to perform interactive analysis. For more casual users, it may be sufficient to change the filter settings of the report and display another piece of data. For data analysts, this means writing powerful multidimensional expressions.


Looker is a discovery software that allows companies to make better decisions by accessing information in real time. Regardless of the size, the data can be analyzed in the 100% Looker database and in the 100% browser-based software. Looker's analysis is integrated with SQL databases and warehouses such as Greenplum and Amazon Redshift.

Microsoft BI Software

The Microsoft BI software includes several client applications that are used to create or analyze Analysis Services, Master Data Services, Integration Services, Reporting Services, and analytical data. Instructions on how to install these features are described in this section of the SQL Server installation documentation. Analysis Services and Reporting Services can be installed as a stand-alone server, in a scale-out configuration, or as a shared service application in a SharePoint farm. By installing the service on the farm, Power ViewPower and Pivot for SharePoint, such as ad hoc reporting services interactive report designer to be executed in a PowerPivot table format model database or Analysis Services, which will allow the BI capabilities that can be used only in SharePoint.

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From local spreadsheets to business systems, cloud-based data, MicroStrategy can easily access all business data from one place. Use optimized data connectors for each source and allow the query to reach the maximum performance potential. Connect to a source or connect multiple sources separately or in combination. Concentrate on a solid R & D in a powerful technological partnership and rapid analysis, you can get the benefits of pure game.


More than 1,000 companies use MITS distributors and manufacturers' analysis better, from CEOs to buyers and sellers, using specially designed tools so that everyone can fulfill their role. We will make decisions. MITS combines a flexible and easy-to-use tool with reports, dashboards and dashboards ready for use in commercial systems, so that users can improve cash flow, profitability and growth.


OpenI provides a web-based interface for creating and publishing interactive reports from OLAP data sources. Beyond that, OpenI aims to provide integrated analysis of all the key components of smart applications. Our main objective is to eliminate the complexity of creating and publishing reports for commercial users. OpenI makes this possible by connecting to various types of data sources and providing a clean and intuitive interface for publishing web-based interactive reports. When compiling intelligent web-based applications that interact with OLAP sources.

Oracle BI

Oracle BI offers a wide range of business intelligence functions, including dashboards, ad hoc full intelligence and aggressive alerts. In general, organizations track and store large amounts of data about customers, prices, products, contacts, activities, opportunities, assets, employees and other factors. This data is often distributed through multiple databases in different locations using various versions of software.

Oracle Enterprise BI server

Oracle BI Enterprise Edition 11g offers a complete offering of all functions, including interactive panels, ad hoc queries, notifications and alerts, business and financial reports, dashboards and strategy management, invocation of processes, search and collaboration, devices mobile It is a business intelligence software. , Integrated system management, etc. OBIEE 11g is based on an integrated architecture oriented to proven web services. It integrates with the existing IT infrastructure of the organization to minimize the total cost of ownership (TCO) and maximize the return on investment.

Palo OLAP server

Palo is a multidimensional database server (online analytical processing (OLAP) or multidimensional online analytical processing (MOLAP) resident in memory, a business intelligence tool that performs budget control and management using a spreadsheet program that works as a user interface It is usually used as: Beyond the concept of multidimensional data, Palo allows multiple users to share a centralized storage.

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Bespoke BI

Custom solutions to meet the needs of your business

Our BI practices provide custom BI application development solutions focused on your specific needs. This will allow you to get the right information at the right time and support in the decision-making process.

Our dedicated development team focuses on providing high value-added BI solutions. By using our development methods, can drastically reduce the time and cost of custom solutions.

This agile approach ensures that best practices are adopted and no matter what unique business intelligence needs are offered.

In addition, we always aim to design and deliver this on the Web so that IT administration and maintenance are kept to a minimum. If you can’t find all the functionality your need in ready-made software, then contact us today and we will develop your dream tool.