Choose the Best Project Scheduling Software

The best project scheduling software for your small business.

If you have a small team (less than 5 people), the budget is strict and you intend to commit to some premium features, a free product may be appropriate.

Alternatively, if you use a paid commercial project scheduling software that offers a free plan (also known as "freemium"), a small team can provide a budget friendly access point in the software. If you need additional features or users, you can upgrade to a paid version.

Fortunately, most of the tools listed here are cheap to update, so you will not lose your budget when the time comes to increase scalability.

The list, the most basic of business needs and small groups of all collaboration for task scheduling, planning, scheduling, Gantt chart, a variety of other free programs that can respond to the full functionality of the software, including the function Agile There is an option.


The Best Project Scheduling Software Options

Bitrix 24: Scheduling Software for Small Businesses

Bitrix24 is, Customer Relationship scheduling (CRM), Project scheduling (PM), Human Resources (HR), and is a collaborative business scheduling solutions that are designed to integrate workflow automation for a single platform.

The free plan includes 12 users, 5 GB of online storage and a large number of free features. For CRM, this includes contact and contact scheduling, email marketing and sales automation. In the case of human resources, employee directory, self-service for employees and games

On the PM side, you can use functions such as unlimited tasks and projects, time tracking, checklists, Gantt charts, document scheduling, etc. for free. It also offers several communication functions, such as social networks, chat / IM, video conferencing and more.

With additional CRM and marketing functions in addition to project scheduling, Bitrix 24 is ideal for sales teams and professional services companies.

  • Pros: Bitrix 24 does not limit the number of tasks and projects available for the free plan. This list is one of the free products with many functions.
  • Cons: Capterra of the collaborators is, two areas of important and related problems, that is, an insufficient technical support, keep in mind that there are no adequate training materials for the expansion of the function.

Because they do not include customer support, they are likely to be a serious cause of pain for companies with free plans. As new users face high learning curves with this tool, prepare the preparation period before the team accelerates.

  • Update cost: cloud-based version: 24 users per month, $ 39 per month (more). $ 99 per user per month (standard). Monthly $ 199 (unlimited), monthly (professional).
Clubhouse: High Performance Scrum Tool

The clubhouse is designed for teams responsible for software projects and is lighter than other tools. This provides a reduced feature set that may not be sufficient for all project teams. However, if you need essential software for the Scrum function, it's worth seeing the clubhouse.

  • Pros: The greatest asset of the clubhouse is its specificity. It is designed for teams that manage software projects that use Scrum, rather than serving all areas of the project scheduling market. You can mark the relationship of the story and trace the epic and you can guide your work through the configuration of the kanban card with the automatic update of the equipment. Several Capterra reviewers are aware that Clubhouse's "Only for essentials" dashboard is breath of fresh air compared to non-intuitive athletes.
  • Clubhouse guarantees the security of user data by installing encrypted backups every 10 minutes on Amazon S3 and AWS, and provides SSL and HTTPS access.
  • Finally, there is a charity work in the clubhouse. Any non-profit organization that meets the eligibility criteria for the clubhouse can be used free of charge.
  • Cons: the clubhouse is a free version and offers only three seats for the user. If it exceeds 3 people, it will be $ 8.50 per month. An additional advantage of the paid version is the role of priority and observer support.

The minimalist nature of Clubhouse attracts the right audience, but not enough for many project teams. Integration with other tools There is no more storage option and some of the other project scheduling software standards are missing, such as team chat, client portal, time tracking, etc.

Clubhouse offers only applications for iOS. In the latest version, users are scolded by users indicating that the application is inferior to the tool itself.

  • Upgrade cost: $ 8.50 per user per month
  • Mobile application: iOS

For whom

Individuals dedicated to the agile scheduling of projects or up to three development teams.

Freedcamp: Unlimited Users and Projects

Regardless of its name, Freedcamp offers many complete features for free. By doing so, the Freemium version has more advanced project planning capabilities than many competitors.

The service shares and edits files, discussion forums, project templates and invoices. Several critics of Capterra praise Freedcamp for its easy configuration and highly responsive customer service.

  • Advantages: You can add tasks, milestones and time tracking to projects in Freedcamp. With this tool, you can provide a kanban plate that visually tracks tasks and keep personal work private.
  • Disadvantages: Despite providing a more robust version than many competitors, Freedcamp has its limits. If project reports are required, the user must update the two levels. Although Freedcamp offers subtasks, some users may want to allow additional layers in the free version.
  • Upgrade fee: $ 5.99 for the owner and $ 1.99 for additional users.
  • Mobile application: iOS, Android

Most Appropriate for

A project team that requires unlimited projects, users and software to provide storage for free.

Pivotal Tracker: a lot of PM tools for Small Technical Teams

Pivotal Tracker sits on the Agile table and claims to be able to perform "simple project scheduling by pressing buttons".

Pivotal Tracker is a product of Pivotal Software acquired by Dell as part of the EMC merger in 2016 and forms one of the largest high-tech companies in the world. In other words: the Pivot tracker has some weight behind this.

  • Advantages: Pivotal Tracker has many features. This is not an honorable checklist or a time tracker. It has advanced features such as automatic sprint planning, multiproject workspace, more than 100 integrations, deep analysis. This will divide the project into "stories." This is a generic term for agile development. With native applications, Pivotal Tracker works without problems on any device. The free version is limited to two projects at a time. Pivotal Tracker also offers a plan that includes open projects, educators and unlimited projects for certified non-profit organizations.
  • Disadvantages: the free version is limited to 3 users, 2 projects at a time, 2 GB of storage. Because Pivotal Tracker is designed for agile software developers, you may want to see other places, at least not familiar with the world.
  • Upgrade cost: $ 150 for up to 5 employees per year.
  • Mobile application: iOS, Android

Who can Choose it

Three smaller IT teams.

Targetprocess: Designed for Agile Team

Targetprocess is a special project scheduling tool suitable for the Agile project scheduling framework such as Kanban board and Scrum. This tool provides features such as custom workflow, team capacity planning, time tracking, problem scheduling and more.

In the free version, you can create up to 1,000 projects and provide basic support including live chat and knowledge base.

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