A rundown of some of the benefits your business might derived with Android App Development and also comprehending you really need to get your business get going in this computerized world

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Almost everyone has heard of the word Android. It is a Linux-based multi-threaded open source, and it’s totally free operating system from Google, which has revolutionized the world. Android happens to be one of the global market leaders among other mobile operating systems. Android platform has revolutionized the way individuals or organizations used to communicate. Ultimately, this platform experiences complete overhaul by adding an extensive variety of useful features for commercial and personal communication. But, how can an individual best leverage this high-tech for business expansion? Very simple: develop an android application customize for your business from a reputable mobile application development organization!
There’re businesses that need Android mobile-optimized apps, which help in marketing and running their businesses on the Android mobile platform, and this is where an mobile app development company is of a great deal and help.

Android Benefits

While huge corporations can afford simultaneous app development on various platforms small business representatives usually face the question: what platform should I choose for the first business app? The right answer can have significant influence on business success or failure. Both freelancers and large development companies also have numerous discussions and arguments on this topic. Each platform has its own advantages and disadvantages, targets different audiences. Among the multiple operating systems which power our mobile devices, we would like to pay particular attention to Android as the open source software that manages to be extremely popular and successful.
  • Having more than 80% market share it became one of the most important parts of business mobile IT strategy. Developing apps for this operating system you reach more than one billion people on 20,000 unique devices of Samsung, Sony, HTC, and other well-known brands.
  • It is easy to customise. As far as Android is an open source software it makes it easier to develop your business app with your own branding. You can earn your kudos implementing your business brand in Android operating system. Besides, you can implement a wide functionality from complex technical customization to a web app integration into your app. Android platform is flexible enough to any requirement of your business.
  • Creating bespoke application on Android platform gives you freedom to get functionality, which you requested. It is considered to be that iPhone apps are more profitable, counting the income from one user, as far as they are used by people who spend more than average Android user. But based on the popularity of Android-based smartphones and tablets, today’s Android users bring your business the same amount of money. Moreover, free apps with in-app ads generate revenue by demonstration of the adverts.
  • Android belongs to Google. With Google Play Store, you get to the market faster than with Apple’s App Store. It takes a few hours to be published on Play Store after you submitted your app there, while Apple considers your application for weeks. It is also faster to update and fix bugs your app on Play Store.
  • If your business is in the mass-market and you are targeted to the middle-class segment, Android is a must have mobile application development platform. Thinking about the future of your business, Android app development is a less competitive field with a lot of potential buyers.
  • While new features on the latest Apple phones hardly can be used in the older versions of its operating system, Google won’t limit the users that much just because they didn’t pay more for a newer phone or tablet and let them use most of the new capabilities that are available. This leads to an increase of loyal buyers of Android devices in particular among the young innovators. Youth’s loyalty to your app will bring you millions of solvent fans within several years.
When you create an app for general public, economic sense makes to target the operating system that gives you the largest audience, hence potential users.

Small Business Apps

Mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets are ubiquitous, and mobile presence is now more a necessity than a whim. More than half of small business traffic comes from mobile devices it is a luxury to let this visitors pass by.
The number of small businesses which have their own mobile app is growing, and those who already have an app are ahead of the game in the competitive market. That is why you need to work out an effective mobile strategy that involves not just a responsive design for a website. When you create your app you can rely on following advantages of for your company:
  • You become visible all the time. Your potential customer will always be able to get in touch with you and find out about you. A constant presence in your client’s pocket with accessible information and services at the fingertips make your customer life easier and significantly improve the user’s experience.
  • You promote your business. Use push notification to inform your customers about any sales, campaign and promotions. Reward your customers for loyalty. Besides, you can also promote your brand and become recognised with a mobile app, that certainly enhance your image.
  • Apps also can increase your productivity. The implementation of numerous functions makes your business more mobile. Implement a booking system and simplify your customers’ lives and at the same time save the time of your employees for other duties. Let your customers buy online and create a new sales canal.
Mobile apps have so many unique and engaging features that they can considerably contribute your business growth and prosperity. With modern technologies, you can be as creative as it possible to capture and retain your customers both existing and potential.

How to Create an Android App

There are several alternatives how to make an app:
  • Do-it-yourself with app making sites
  • Learn Android programming languages;
  • Hire professional Android developers.
Let us discuss these options and choose the one which suits you more.
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App Making Sites

Having coding skills isn’t that necessary to develop an app. There are numerous app makers available on the Internet. It is an affordable solution for professionally-looking apps. Such sites usually have video tutorials and manuals how to use them that significantly help beginners start their first mobile program. The combination of pre-made templates and list of functions you can integrate make app building process look like a game. You just pick layout and features, add your content and it is ready to be published. The creation itself is usually free, while its maintenance and some options require a monthly payment. In the end, you get a simple app with basic features. It just looks professionally but doesn’t feel so as far as its functionality is extremely limited, design usual and, unfortunately, it gives you no guarantee that it works.

Become a Developer Yourself

First of all, you need an equipment and developer account. As far as we talking about Android development we have good news for you: you can create an app on any platform whether it is Windows, Linux or Mac and you need only once to pay $25 to register on the Google Play Store comparing to Apple’s $99 yearly subscription.

Secondly, you need to learn a programming language and how to use tools. In the case of Android, the language is Java, it is used on numerous devices and operating systems besides Android. Learning this language you get an ability to write for Windows and Linux, too. As for tools, then start with Android’s IDE and SDK. Android Studio and Eclipse were developed specifically for making Android apps. These Integrated Development Environments compile and run your code with a click while using other apps you need to write a code to compile and then another code to run. You can easily find Android Studio tutorials and Eclipse guides. You should also get an access to useful libraries. With their help, you will be able to add a new feature without coding them from scratch. But you should understand that it is really a time-consuming process and it won’t be easy. People usually get their degree to learn programming skills.

Bespoke App Creation with Professional developers

App creation requires certain skill and expertise; DIY sites never will be as good as a professionally developed one, and learning to code yourself takes a lot of time. To hire professional app designers is a cost-effective investment that gives you a tool to increase your productivity and improve customers experience.

How To Find a Great Developer?

Sometimes mobilization of your business means that you need a help of people who are already qualified in app development. So what should you consider looking for a top Android app development company? Here are some tips what you should look at picking a software company:

  • UI/UX app designers. Functional user interface and intuitive user experience are essential for a lovely profitable app. Android developers should be tightly cooperating with UI/UX designers to drive the project to success. If the app builder can not implement the designers’ idea to life, all the efforts will crash at this stage.
  • The presence of a QA group. There are about 20,000 devices on Android platform, and each of them has its own resolution, screen size and characteristics. Some brand companies also bring about some changes what leads to the necessity test if your app can run on all of these gadgets. What is a use of an app that doesn’t work on half of the smartphones? Quality Assurance specialists tests apps to dismiss any bugs and to provide for the user great apps with correct working environment.
  • Security and stability should be some of the high priority issues of the app creation. If the app development company you have chosen doesn’t pay enough attention to protection against hackers attack, virus vulnerability and peak loads pressure to enhance the reliability of the developed software, you have a risk to ruin your reputation with such an app. To avoid this choose a security focused Android app development agency.
  • The Android app programmers you are looking for should work with Android SDK under professional developer license and have a broad portfolio of projects, downloaded to Google Play to prove their proficiency.

Thus, looking for a company you besides their price and capabilities, you should take into consideration listed above points.

What Makes Us the Top Android App Developers

Since 2010 we create amazing Android applications for our clients. We are here to serve whether you a startup or an established corporation. Our team of professionals consisted of the skilled programmers, creative designers, and quality assurance experts has earned our customers’ trust on over 500 successful tablet and phone app development cases. We build mobile apps for industries like:
  • Healthcare
  • Finance
  • Education
  • Social Media
  • Real Estate
  • Tourism
  • E-commerce
  • Entertainment and many others.
We are experienced in many niches and can add our expert input to your project. We are flexible and can conquer any idea you want to develop.

Why us?

Pick us as a mobile app development team you can check off your list all those points mentioned above. Our custom software development company consists of experts in Android and iOS, who pay attention to all the details from app functionality, to UI peculiarities, quality, and security.

To describe us in short:

  • We know the stuff and backed-up by our previous successful Android projects;
  • We can build and design any Android app that will satisfy your requirement and meet your needs;
  • We guarantee constant support from the identification of core functionality of your app to proper installation it into the Android SDK and future maintenance;
  • We customise your Android app according to your unique needs and implement the feature you want there to be;
  • We personalise your app design to meet your expectations;
  • We can organize your data integration via Android development API;
  • We aimed at making your app usable, intuitive and attractive.

Let’s get in touch

We are those guys who professionally works with Android development kit and can help to turn your idea into a high-quality app. When it comes to Android development, we are one of the best. Share your idea with us, and let’s discuss what we can do for you.

Primary Services of a Professional Android Development Companies

Here are few Android Application Development services provided by professional companies:
Custom-made Android App Development
Android operating system devices support various features, such as navigation, social networking, push enabled services, logistics, e-commerce, healthcare and cloud-based apps. Android application development companies develop customized apps in sync with their clients’ business needs. The application are developed according to the client’s preferences and needs, the prices likewise varies accordingly for each client.
Enterprise App Development
It is also called In-house applications, these apps can be distributed amongst workers for their timely monitoring and update. These applications assist 24/7 monitoring of a staff and business, as well as aides in maintaining a confidential information that can be vital for the business and its growth. Incorporating these mobile-based apps are beneficial for any business. This can be employed by various entrepreneurs, government sector, retailers, interest groups and schools.
Varied Applications
The vast majority of the android app development firms provide an extensive variety of apps that’re easily accessible and downloadable. These are navigation apps, social networking apps, push enables services, e-commerce, health care, logistics and cloud based applications.
Socializing as well as connecting with office partners 24/7 by means of android has become extremely easy with these android mobile applications. The push enable and navigation applications are apt when you travel, especially for the individuals who require steady navigation support. On the other hand, these cloud-based apps are solely connected, which automatically upgrade themselves and let the user enjoy the Android applications and their features for paced mobile functioning.
Reputable android app development companies likewise offers back-end support. This incorporates timely upgrade of apps as well as help when needed. This enable efficient functioning and database management that is imperative in today’s environment and influences organization’s brand positioning too. Perhaps, contracting a reputable android application development services can result in high ROI on your android application.
Developing a mobile app for your business can be smart decision at this stage when most people is heading towards the computerized world. Now you know the benefits an android application development can accomplish for your business, it will be wise idea to act quick.
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